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German supermodel Jesika Breitenfeld LOVES "Ilgert's Delicious ™ Milk" !

Jesika Loves Ilgert's Milk


Ms. Breitenfeld, who now lives in the Greater Toronto Area, is a new cow share member with Ilgert's Organic Acres.

When asked about the milk, she blurted out, "Holy Cow...this milk is sooooooo yummy! I'll admit it...I'm addicted already!"

Jesika was recently captured drinking Ilgert's Delicious Milk by esteemed Toronto photographer Richard Koroll of "3 Oaks Photography Inc."

Jesika and Richard are available for other promotional and marketing opportunities in the GTA. Please contact Richard at (416) 201-8952 for more info.

For more information on Ilgert's Delicious ™ Milk, contact Mike Ilgert with a click HERE.

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